5/28 Factual Information for Film

We will be doing the NRA documentary project in chunks. Your first requirement is to find factual information. Here are the instructions.

You are to summarize your part of the film into just a few lines, maybe even one depending on your role. Remember, we are trying to make a convincing argument against the money and power of the NRA and how they are shaping our political system. WE ARE NOT MAKING A STATEMENT ABOUT GUNS OR GUN OWNERSHIP. Your part may not seem very powerful, but together – with 70 other facts – it will send a strong message.

If you are profiling a senator, you will need the following information:

senator’s name
home state
amount given by NRA (total)
NRA rating
constituents’ vote on background check (%)
source of poll

Once I speak with the creativity experts/editors/producers, I will let you know with whom you should share this.

This is due Wednesday/Thursday. If you work hard in class all week, you will not have any homework.

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