5/13 The NRA and my Senator – Profile

For the Curriculum Celebration, we will be showing profiles of most of our US senators. Each of you have chosen one to research. That list is below:

03 Your Senators

These profiles will follow a specific template and will show specific information. Below is a rubric detailing those requirements (this is also in your Google Drive):

07 The NRA and our Senators Rubric

Here is a sample profile – John Barrasso from Wyoming:

07 The NRA and our Senators Profile

In order to be successful on this project, the profile must be formatted correctly, you must include a rubric, and it must be printed in color by Friday. If you don’t have the means to print in color, then send me a PDF of the profile. We’ll print it here at school.

Here are some excellent sites to help you with your research:

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