5/10 Notes on Your Senator

Homework due Monday/Tuesday.

We’re sticking with our senators for this classroom activity.
Open a Google drive document in order to take some notes. Call it Name of Senator + “Notes”

Three requirements:

1. Find a picture of your senator from Google images and drag it into the document. This should be standard picture, not one of your senator in the middle of speaking.

2. Go to the following site: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/12/19/us/politics/nra.html?_r=0
Cross check the amount contributed by the NRA based on what you learned in the previous assignment. Include that amount in your notes. Also include the NRA rating.

3. Then type in “on the issues gun control” + your senator’s name.
Read where your senator stands on gun issues and take notes from the site.

This is due Monday/Tuesday.

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