4/8 Final Draft of Persuasive Essay

Part of this assignment is going to be to track the evolution of an idea. You have been presented with some information on a coup that was supported by the CIA and occurred in Guatemala in 1954. Your previous homework was to write a persuasive essay on whether or not that coup was justified. We will be spending Monday and Tuesday of this week breaking down that essay so that it stays true to one position, is supported by strong arguments and flows from idea to idea. We will use the following document to help us:

03 Breaking Down the Persuasive Essay

This piece, plus the original draft and a final draft of the essay are due on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. All need to be in hand before class starts.

Here are the arguments that each class came up with: 06 Two Sides of Argument 2013

After that, you will be presented with new information about the same event. It is my hope that your ideas will evolve so that you can write an even stronger, more informed essay and that you can use those same arguments in a debate next week.

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