1/11 Spend (at least) Two Hours on Project

Make sure you gather all of your materials (notes, handouts, maps, etc.) before working on your project. You have a lot of resources; it’s just a matter of collecting and organizing them. Also, use the Internet sites that I have already found as your basis. Here are the pages with the links:

Mayans: 01 Independent Centers – S
02 Independent Centers – S
Incas: 00 Independent Centers – S
Aztecs: 01 Independent Centers – S

Use your rubric as a checklist (it’s on the backside of your proposal). Here’s an extra copy:

03 Rubric & Proposal

We will have the lab on Monday/Tuesday.

People choosing options three and four will present on Wednesday/Thursday.

Everything is due Wednesday, January 16 or Thursday, January 17.

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