1/7 Google Form & Prepare for Quiz

MS Students,
There are two parts to this homework, some of which you will be able to finish in class.
First, complete the Google form that I sent to you on Sunday.
Then, read through the slideshow on the Aztecs. You will take one of two short quizzes on the material on Wednesday/Thursday. One of the quizzes will have questions from the slideshow only. The other will have questions from both the slideshow and the website. It’s your choice as to which you’d like to take, considering that I will expect some of you to take the harder quiz. If you get more than 8 out of 10 correct, then you get credit for the homework. If you get less, then you will have to take the other quiz to get credit. I would suggest reading the material more than once. It’s up to you as to whether or not you would like to take notes. You can use any notes on the quiz.

Option One – Slideshow only:

Option Two – Additional Web Site:

Good additional source (optional):
http://aztec.com/page.php?page=home2 (use the drop-down menu with the following options: History, Culture, Society, Economy)

Other sources for the Aztecs:
01 Independent Centers – S

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