11/19 Mapping Mayan Daily Life using Inspiration

In class I returned students’ quizzes.
Then we worked on the final style of note-taking, which is called the bubble or web style, using a really useful program called Inspiration.

We used a document called “Daily Life” in order to create our notes:

01 Daily Life

What to focus on in the Daily Life document:
first paragraph
A Maya Home (helps with architecture)
Religion, including “Bloodletting” (helps with religion/beliefs)
At Work, including “Dress Code”

If you don’t finish in class…

1. Save the document to the Desktop (“Daily Life” + your name)
2. Compose an email to yourself
3. Attach the document to the email

Then you can work on it more in school.

When you’re finished…
1. Export the Inspiration document as a PDF
2. Upload that PDF to your Google Drive
3. Share with Joe at jgriffith@hc.wash.k12.mi.us (make sure your name is in the title)

If you can’t work on it anymore in school, then do the rest by hand and turn that in to me.

This is due Wednesday, November 21st.

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