11/14 Maya Society – Picture Style of Note-Taking; Quiz Friday

We are finding all kinds of ways to show, share and summarize information on the early American civilizations of the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs. Thus far, we have taking Roman numeral style notes, created Venn diagrams and timelines, mapped the three civilizations and mapped the natural resources of the Maya, and today we’re going to learn a picture style of note-taking. All of these notes can/should be used for the quiz coming up on Friday.

Here’s the article we’re using in class:

05 Maya Society – Picture Note Taking

The idea is to take the information and create a hierarchy of Mayan society by drawing pictures.

Summary of Items for Quiz:

Roman numeral notes
Venn diagram
Map of Three Civilizations
Map of Mayan Civilization with Regions and Resources
Two Questions about Land of the Maya
Picture Notes on Mayan Society

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