10/8 Rough Draft of News Show Script

This week, despite the choppy schedule with the MEAP, we will be focusing on transforming our notes on the Agricultural Revolution into informative, entertaining, and humorous news show scripts. We used our time in class to answer a few questions (02 Reading Comprehension Questions) and then chose roles based on your efforts with the homework – the more sources you took notes on, the more likely you were to get your first choice in the news show.

For homework, you are to begin writing a script for your role. Use the following sheet (03 Agricultural Revolution News Show – S) to brainstorm your ideas. Then make an effort to collaborate with your classmates to share your scripts. For example, everyone doing weather would want to share ideas about the order of who’s speaking, who’s on location, who’s in the studio, what environments are covered, etc.

I will be giving you suggestions about what I feel are the best ways to approach your role. You are creative and bright students, though, and you should be able to come up with some great ideas.

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