10/5 Notes on the Agricultural Revolution

O’ Wonderful Middle School Students,
Here’s your assignment for the weekend. You are to take notes on at least two of the following pieces. Some are PDFs and were attached in an email, one is a web article, and two are videos. I have put them in order from easiest to hardest. The more you do, the better your chances of getting your first pick in the Agricultural Revolution News Show, which we will begin organizing next week.

You can take notes in any style that suits you. If you’re not familiar with any particular style, then you can just jot down important bits of information. For those of you who have had me in the past, you can do the Roman numeral style or the the bubble format. Writing them out on paper, using Google docs (share with me), or using a program called Inspiration are all good options.

For first and second hour, this is due on Monday. For third and fourth hour, this is due on Friday (thank you, MEAP test).

1. Neolithic Agricultural Revolution (video from class)

2. Early Humans (attachment in email)

3. Walking the Earth (attachment in email)

4. The Neolithic Revolution (web article)

5. Crash Course in World History (video)
Must create a list of advantages of disadvantages of the Agricultural Revolution.

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