9/21 Test over Jeopardy Questions – STUDY!

We completed two lessons’ worth of Jeopardy this week, covering topics ranging from “Time Periods” to “Central and South American Geography.” Your work is class was commendable, not only because you proved you knew more than you thought you know but because you also worked really well as teams.

As promised, I’ve included the slideshow of the Jeopardy game. I highly recommend that you use this to help you study. If you took good notes, you have all of the answers; the game provides you with all of the questions.

Also, remember that the last slide is a list of studying strategies that you came up with. Use them. They’ll help. Good luck.

Finally, I had some difficulty getting the entire slideshow uploaded due to its size. So I had to take out some of the maps. I don’t think it will be a huge issue while you’re studying as long as you remember what the maps looked like in class.

02 Jeopardy – The Game reduced

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