The Middle School

Welcome to the middle school’s home on the web!

The middle school is an amazing and unique part of Honey Creek, providing students with a challenging and yet creative approach to learning and being in community with one another.  The middle school is divided up into 4 main subject areas (Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science) as well as other afternoon specials/electives classes (Technology, Art, Gym, Band II, Chorus, Swim, Tech and Art Electives).  Students are in multi-age classrooms (6th/7th/8th mixed together) and experience each subject through a project-based and thematic approach.


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Monthly Newsletter

  • January- Middle School Language Arts

    We returned from winter break in full workshop mode.  Students worked on drafting and revising pieces of their choice, while our journals and minilessons focused on writing in the informational genre. Our first publishing deadline was February first.

    Also in January, students wrote letter essays to their peers about a book they chose to read.  By writing to each other (and not just me), they get valuable practice in writing for a specific audience.

    In February, they will write to someone of their choice about their reading… some plan to write to authors.  In writing workshop, our minilessons will focus on the narrative genre.

  • Middle School Science – February
    Sound, Lights, Wave Action! In the middle school classrooms we are working with waves and how we interact with them on a daily basis. We will be taking a look at both sound and light waves to help us understand how they are similar and different. Each will result in a small project to demonstrate our manipulation respectively, and we hope to better understand the nature and behavior of them both. In the first week of February, the middle school will take a field trip to the University of Michigan Physics Demo Lab where we will experience waves at a different level.
  • Middle School Social Studies

    Students are bubbling through American history topics, having spent a chunk of December analyzing the debates between delegates at the Constitutional Convention of 1787. For January, we are going to dive deeper into the Constitution by looking at the seven articles within and then the Bill of Rights. I have some ideas rattling in brain of mini-mock trials or a simulations as a project for this unit, but I have not fully solidified how it will look. The short of it would be for the kids research and perhaps re-enact actual court cases where the rulings were decided by amendments within the Bill of Rights. If we can pull it off in the next couple of weeks, we’ll create some sort of interactive activity to coincide with the Curriculum Celebration on January 20th.

  • January 2017 – Middle School Math

    The big motivation in middle school math classes this time of year is the Curriculum Celebration (January 20th).  Each class will presenting a different project.  The algebra students completed their project just before winter break.  Some created line segment art and some made “stained glass windows”.  Their task was to create the lines, write an equation for each, and define its range and domain.  Course 3 students also completed their projects before winter break.  They have dilated various items.  Some student enlarged their item others reduced it depending upon the scale factor they chose.  Their task was to accurately measure the original object, dilate each measurement with their scale factor, then create the dilated item.  We began our projects in courses 1 & 2 before winter break and will be finishing them early January.  The students in course 2 are working on the Amateur Architect project.  So far we have worked on our measurement skills, striving for accuracy and consistency.  Their next task is to decipher directions, and use fractions and mixed numbers to create a house.  The students in course 1 are working on a project with pattern blocks.  Their task is to work with fractions and mixed numbers, understanding how they add together, setting a foundation for reviewing fraction operations (addition, subtraction, and multiplication) and leading into fraction division.  We look forward to seeing you during the curriculum celebration.

  • Legomaniacs 2016 State Championships

    On Saturday, December 17th, Legomaniacs Team 12860 from Honey Creek Community School competed in the Michigan State FIRST Lego League Championship held at Bloomfield Hills High School. Over 53 teams who advanced in their regional tournaments came together and competed in the major categories of Robot Design, Project Presentation, Team Core Values, and the Robot Match. Team 12860 consists of Alex Bennett, Gavin Crawley, Emma Fader, Matthew Spengler, and coaches Jon Baek and James Fader. After our regional tournament back in November, the team met three times a week both at school and off campus in preparation for the championships. Our team sported new Legomaniacs tshirts and exemplified our school’s motto, “Try Hard, Never Give Up!” Please congratulate the team in representing Honey Creek at our first state championship!

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  • Middle School Science – January

    Lights, Sound, Action!

    The middle school students are moving towards understanding and manipulating how “waves” work in the new year. Light and sound waves are interesting examples of science in nature as well as how the body interprets those signals through important organs. We will take a field trip opportunity to attend a Physics Demo Lab early February at the University of Michigan and experience light and sound waves at work.

    As a reminder, at curriculum celebration students will be displaying their Project Move! machines and how they used simple machines to complete a task. We ask that all community members respectfully interact with the machines by previewing the instruction manuals before use, and carefully handling all moving parts and objects.

  • Middle School Social Studies

    To close out our unit on the Revolutionary War, students chose a battle and involved their character in it in one way or another. Some wrote letters to relatives fighting. Some tended to the sick and wounded. And yet others fought directly, sometimes with fatal consequences. This was the last major piece to an extensive Creating a Character assignment. After that project was completed, we analyzed the effects of the war on different groups like women, Natives, blacks and the poor working class. Each student took on a role and spent a class period debating topics like equality, freedom, and power. Since then, we have transitioned to our second unit, The Constitution. During the next month or so, students will interpret the debates of the Constitutional Convention, compare the Constitution to the Articles of Confederation, and look at the Bill of Rights, in particular how it plays into our lives today. I’m hoping we can do an interactive activity at the Curriculum Celebration tied to the Bill of Rights. Look for that in January.

  • Middle School Language Arts- November

    We had an exciting month of November in middle school Language Arts. Students participated in National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo.  The grown-up version of NaNoWriMo calls on adults to write 50,000 words in the month of November.  At Honey Creek, students were able to set their own word goals.  The middle school, as a whole, exceeded 1 million words written in November, with some students exceeding 30,000 words!

    In December we will switch gears from production and craft, and we will try our hands at poetry.  We will work on composing free verse poetry, studying the work of master poets along the way.  Additionally, students have begun independent reading, and will write monthly letter essays to correspond.  They’ll write to classmates, family members, and maybe even other teachers throughout the rest of the year.  Ask your middle schooler what they’re reading today!