Honey Bunches of Notes April

In “How My Community Works” students continue to learn about the science and economics of the food system through the example of bread. Based on their interests, students chose to be in one of four groups that will teach the rest of the class about what happens in each part of the system: farm, factory, store, and home. In addition, the children will be learning about mold and experimenting with conditions that promote or inhibit mold growth on bread.

To build prior knowledge for our next thematic unit, “How the World Works”, K-1 students got an opportunity to examine the how and why of motion, including forces, velocity, momentum, and Newton’s Law of motion by using a trebuchet, hovercraft, and sonar unit when Cranbrook Science on the Go came in for an assembly. Big thanks to the STEM committee for helping to fund such a great presentation from the wonderful folks at Cranbrook! We learned so much and really enjoyed seeing the real life hovercraft! 

In writing workshop the children are working on writing a personal narrative with a focus on conventions, transition words, and peer editing. We are also wrapping up a unit on geometry, graphing, and time in our math curriculum.


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