Honey Bunches of Notes March

One of the tools we use to teach is song! Singing helps us remember facts and concepts and is just plain fun. Every year each of our theme units has a song stanza to accompany it and present the theme concepts we’ll be studying during that unit. This year’s song is How Things Work (sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) and is included here in its entirety. We’re currently working through the concepts overviewed in stanza number three. Enjoy!

Learning how I work is fun

I get to know myself and everyone

I’m a part of many systems:

My family, my classroom, and my group of friends

When I make a choice to cooperate

Each system can work really great!


How my school works at Honey Creek

We problem solve and act responsibly

Being fair, taking care of our school, learning to follow rules

When all of us at school cooperate

The school system can work really great!


Learning how things work in my community

Fairness is important for everybody

Farms, factories, stores, and homes

It’s all connected, we can’t do it all alone

When everyone cooperates

The community can work really great!


How the world works is interesting

There are forces, engineers, and machines

Investigate, design, be an inventor

Gather information to make things better

When systems in the world cooperate

The world can work really great!

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