Honey Bunches of Notes February

The “How My Community Works” section of our theme work continues with a Food Systems unit of study. During this unit students will be working to develop the following understandings:

  • Understand that my community is a system.
  • Understand that I am part of many interconnected systems: community, economic, food, farming, etc.
  • Understand that when something happens in one part of the community system it affects other parts of the community system.
  • Understand that improving one part of the community system can improve the dynamics of the whole community system.
  • Understand that my choices affect the systems that provide our food.

Students will be learning about the science and economics of the food system. We will discuss the difference between producers and consumers, identify goods and services, and learn about trade and how money simplifies trade. After an overview of the food system which follows bread’s journey from farm to table, students will learn more about how organic farms function and about alternatives to using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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