Honey Bunches of Notes May

As we work through our final theme unit, My Journey Through the World, students have been learning more about weather. We have been discussing how meteorologists study weather and how weather forecasters use various tools to gather information about weather conditions and report it to the public. Students have been making their own observations of weather conditions and will talk more about how making these observations and noticing more about weather patterns can help them make choices. Students have also learned about the reason for the seasons and talked about how the position of the sun and the earth changes throughout the year which causes the seasons to change. We have also learned about the water cycle and discussed how the cycle is a pattern.

Students are currently working in their table groups on weather reports that describes the severe weather events that their tables are named for (blizzard, hurricane, tornado, flood, etc.).  They will be making sure to include how to keep safe during these events. Make sure to join us at Curriculum Celebration to see the finished videos and all of the props that the children have been working so hard on! 

K-1 will be taking a field trip to Argo Park on Wednesday, May 17th to help the community by pulling out invasive garlic mustard plants. We’ll be volunteering with Ann Arbor’s Natural Area Preservation Group (NAP) for a stewardship work day. We’re excited to be able to lend a hand and dedicate one of our field trips to serving the community!


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