Honey Bunches of Notes April

To finish our third unit of this year’s theme, My Journey Through the Community, our Resource Use unit is coming to a close. As mentioned previously, this unit focuses on the environment in a variety of ways. Students were engaged in different activities including learning about compost and why composting is important, sorting through a typical bag of garbage to identify which things could have been reused, recycled, or composted, and making our own paper.

Soon we will begin our final theme unit for the year: My Journey Through the World. During this unit students will focus on the following understandings: that learning about myself and the world helps me to see the patterns in the world and my role within it, that I can make observations to discover world patterns, and that when I see patterns in the world I can make informed choices. We will learn much more about the severe weather events that each table group is named for and what precautions should be taken for human safety. We will also be busy tracking and describing weather and learning about the four seasons.

Our final theme poem for the year is as follows:

My fourth journey’s through the world

It has sun, seasons, weather, and it twirls

There are patterns I’ll see

If I know the world’s geography,

Then the world can be

The best that it can be!


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