Honey Bunches of Notes February

As part of our Fairness Unit celebrating the work of Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights activists, we are reviewing the conflict resolution technique we use at school called “S-O-S.” Students are taught how to use it in the classroom and teachers help them work through the process until they are able to do it independently in most cases. If there is a conflict, students work through these steps:

S = Story: each child takes a turn to explain their side of the story (without interruptions) to the other child. They are asked to look at the other person, to use a kind voice, a calm face, and “I-Statements.” For example, “I felt sad when you built the Lego car I built.” “I feel mad because you take those pieces every day and I wanted to use them.”

O = Options: Both children propose options for solving the problem. For example, “You could use them tomorrow.” “You could let me have them now.” “I could give you the piece you want the most and use a different piece on my car.”

S = Solution: They settle on a mutually agreeable solution. “Okay, you can give me that one piece I really want.”


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