Honey Bunches of Notes December

We are just beginning our next thematic unit, “My Journey Through School.” During this unit, students will be learning about how maps can show us where things are in our classroom and school, how people use maps on their journeys, what habitats are, and how plants and animals get what the need to survive from their habitats. We’ll discuss patterns students notice in our school and how learning these patterns can help to inform our choices.

In K-1, we support a policy of limited homework. Most homework we provide is optional, however, twice a year we ask students to complete a book project with help at home. Book projects allow children to experience the joy of reading to their parent(s) or listening to a story read by their parent(s). Book projects are also designed to reinforce language arts speaking and listening standards as well as standards for reading literature that the children have been working on at school. This first book project should be completed and brought to school any day between December 19 and January 20.


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