Honey Bunches of Notes November

In our thematic unit, “My Journey”, children are working towards understanding that learning about families helps them to see family patterns, they can make observations to discover family patterns, and that when they identify patterns in families, it can help them make informed choices.

We recently read the book, “Me and My Family Tree” and the children were asked to create their own. We are connecting this activity to an author study of Patricia Polacco. A pattern in her family is to tell family stories. We have learned about Patricia, her family, and some of her family stories. Whenever we read one of her books, we have identified the family members using Patricia’s family tree. The children are now working in their table groups to retell one of the stories, create a diorama, and reflect on their learning about families.

Additionally, we will be learning about heredity by exploring animal families. Through various books and activities, the children will develop the understanding that young plants and animals are alike, but not exactly like their parents, and parents and offspring have patterns in their behavior that help their offspring survive.


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