Children should have a well-rounded view of the arts as they relate to other subject areas, and they should enjoy the process of creating art rather than competing to be the best artist. In the lower elementary levels, learning is centered around the elements of art and how they relate to the things that we see and do in our everyday lives. We concentrate on color, line, texture, shape, and space at the K/1 level. We expand on the elements of art and how they work together with the elements of design (unity, rhythm, contrast, emphasis, variety, balance, proportion) at the 2/3 level. Students are also introduced to the basics of perspective at this level. At the 4/5 level, we expand further on the elements and principles to explore art history and specific artists at a more advanced level. Middle School students are given more “open-ended” projects, in which their personal voices and creative concepts are featured, while still learning and practicing skills such as value/shading, contouring, color theory, and more in depth studies of culture and art history.

Many parents, family, and friends don’t get to see what is happening in our art classes. To help share the student produced art, Lindsay created an Artsonia page for Honey Creek. Artsonia is a website that allows for uploading pictures of student artwork, and allows each participating student to have their own “portfolio” of work that shows all of their projects from each grade level. This is not a requirement for students; however, it is a great way for the community – and for other art students from all over the country – to see the amazing work that Honey Creek creates.

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