Math is a skill based subject: we build our understanding on prior knowledge. There are three levels of middle school math and Algebra I. In the past, the curriculum was guided by Grade Level Content Expectations and adjusted to our multi-age environment. Currently, we’re making adjustments to the curriculum to move toward the Common Core State Standards.


Honey Creek’s overarching philosophy is to educate the whole child. When it comes to mathematics, learning new skills and practicing them is important. However, even more important is the development of problem-solving skills and working toward conceptual understanding. Without an understanding of concepts and problem solving techniques it is difficult to apply skills to new situations.


There are multiple methods for assessing the students, beginning with informal assessment during homework check. As the students work together to correct their assignments, the faculty listen to the discussions, assessing who seems to be understanding and who is able to effectively communicate their understanding. We have a math journal that allows the students to write about what they know in math. Tests given at the end of each unit are an integral part of assessment. These test serve as an assessment tool and help to prepare Honey Creek students for high school. Two larger projects are given during each year. The projects are designed to demonstrate students’ skills and understanding of key concepts for each level.

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