Language Arts


The Honey Creek approach to Language Arts is to give students relevant and engaging experiences with text – their own writing and text written by others. Given the opportunity to choose engaging topics, students find the processes of reading and writing to be personal, meaningful, and powerful.


Students participate in regular weekly writing on topics of their choice, in genres chosen by faculty and informed by the Michigan Common Core Standards. Class time is a balance between skill-based and craft-based mini-lessons, combined with the use of mentor texts to inform the students of what “good writing” looks like. Students also have time to pursue their own topics through reading and writing.


Students are assessed regularly on their reading comprehension by keeping reading journals throughout the school year, and by participating in small group book discussions and whole class novel studies. Their writing is assessed not only through weekly correspondence, but also through the writing they do in genre studies. Students are assessed on their progress and improvement at regular intervals over the course of the three year period. The students complete reflective portfolios twice during the school year.

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