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Art News: October 2013

Hello, Honey Creek families and friends. I am delighted to be on staff this year as the new art teacher. I earned my Post-Baccalaureate teaching certificate in Visual Arts Education from Eastern Michigan University and have spent as much time in the classrooms of Honey Creek as possible since then. I have already had a long relationship with Honey Creek, and as I’ve told all my students, Honey Creek is my favorite school. I’ve already really enjoyed working with all of your kids.
In K/1, students are working on a series of exercises in which they are beginning to learn about the elements of design, starting especially with color, line and shape. They’re currently reviewing warm and cool colors and learning some art techniques, such as wax resist using crayons and tempera paint. The 2/3s are beginning a unit on landscape in which they are learning the basic elements of western landscapes. They will be painting their own landscapes, mixing and experimenting with color. 4/5 students have been examining and talking about the abstract collages of Henri Matisse and making their own abstract collages, which will eventually become the covers of their in-class sketchbooks.
In Middle School, students are in the process of drawing portraits of people using the traditional oval shaped face with standard proportions. Soon they will be asking critical questions about individual and unique facial proportions and drawing self-portraits using mirrors. We will then compare and contrast the first drawing with the second. Finally, we will look at average proportions of the body and investigate ways to make interesting figure drawings. They’ll be able to use that information in an upcoming Social Studies assignment. In the Middle School Art Elective, we are focusing on environmental art. We have begun with the ephemeral art of Andy Goldsworthy, and have been going outside to explore and create on Honey Creek grounds.
I am looking forward to a wonderful year with your students, including investigating art history, writing about and discussing students’ own art and the art of others, and making art. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at svanloo@hc.wash.k12.mi.us.

Art News: May 2013

Our last full month of school has begun, and we are working on the last couple of projects in all of our classes right now.  K/1 classes are working on a project inspired by Eric Carle, which involves painting and coloring several pieces of paper and creating cut-out shapes.  2/3 classes are learning about Wayne Thiebaud and his famous paintings of cakes.  They are learning the steps to draw several types of cakes using simple shapes and designs.  4/5 classes are finishing up their Jellyfish project, and will be starting a project on the planets and solar system soon.  Middle School is finishing up their unit on the art of India/Tibet with a project in which they design a glove in the same way that a henna artist works with mehndi designs on the hands and feet.  Elective is moving from their color project, to their sculpture project in the coming weeks.

Earlier last month, I announced that I would not be returning next school year so that I can pursue my graduate degree in art history at Wayne State and begin work writing for a Detroit-based music website.  It has been three years of hard work, wonderful learning experiences, and bonding with some of the most intelligent, respectful, and humorous students that I will ever come across, and I will never forget the kindness and generosity of the amazing community I have been able to work with.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart — not only have I enjoyed spending time with your students helping them learn about and create art, but I have genuinely enjoyed spending time getting to know them as the individuals and watching them grow and mature.  I am really looking forward to how much fun we are going to have this last month!

Art News: April 2013

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Spring Break and is ready to come back to some more great art projects!  K/1 classes just finished up a great unit on imagination and characters, and 2/3 classes are getting into a fun collage project based on the painter Arcimbaldo.  4/5 classes are beginning a unit on jellyfish which involves a drawing and a 3D mobile project, and Middle School is working on their art unit which studies Indian art and the art of mehndi and radial design.  I am very excited to round out the last part of our school year with such wonderful and creative ideas!

Art News: March 2013

 Hope everyone has had a lovely mid-winter break!  I’m sure everyone is ready for the sunshine and warmth by now, and our students have been working on some art projects that will surely put a smile on your faces!  K/1 classes are finishing up a mixed-media piece which allows them to experiment with pastels, printmaking and collage.  2/3 classes are in the midst of learning about animation & cartooning and have been coming up with some wonderful characters!  4/5 classes are working on cut paper Molas inspired by the Kuna tribe of Panama.  Middle School students are beginning a unit on radial design and the art of India.
I am currently working on uploading a collection of recent projects, so keep an eye out on our school’s art webpage www.artsonia.com/HoneyCreekCommunity1 for some of the exciting things our students have been working on.  Stay warm!

Art News: January 2013

I hope everyone has enjoyed their new year so far…we are certainly off to a wonderful start with art!  K/1 classes are learning about the beginning basics of perspective and painting winter trees with their first project of the new year.  2/3 classes are continuing to work on organic/geometric lines and patterns with their project, while 4/5 classes will be starting a paper collage project in the coming weeks.  Middle School classes are working on their part of a mural about the concept of peace, while elective is finishing up their semester with final touches on their sculpting project.  I look forward to showing off our students’ talents at the curriculum celebration and on artsonia.com!  Happy 2013!


Art News: December 2012

Our students have been busy at work on some wonderful creations in art class!  The K/1 classes are currently learning about  line & shape and creating a concentric circle project based off of the work of Wassily Kandinsky.  2/3 classes are beginning to learn about organic vs. geometric lines and shapes and exploring the idea of patterns.  4/5 classes are studying Gustav Klimt’s ‘Tree of Life’ and painting gold trees that are decorated with symbols based off of their memories, favorite things, and hobbies.  Middle School classes are learning about printmaking, drawing, and painting combined in a photo-to-canvas transfer project which will eventually become an entire Middle School mural based off of the idea of peace.  Elective classes are moving from their painting project to a 3D sculpting project and producing wonderful work based off of their own creative ideas and concepts.


Don’t forget that if you are looking for a great gift idea for this time of year, our school’s Artsonia site (www.artsonia.com/HoneyCreekCommunity1) is a wonderful place to order gifts with student artwork printed on them!  Part of every purchase goes back to our school for new art supplies.


Art News: November 2012

October has flown by as our Honey Creek artists have been working on completing many of their first big projects for the school year. K/1 classes are moving on from learning the basics of line and color, and will be focusing on shape next. 2/3 classes are continuing their Mitt the Michigan Mouse unit, finishing up their clay sculptures and beginning a book cover illustration. 4/5 classes are finishing their camouflage pastel designs, and middle school students are finishing up their Dia de los Muertos unit. Art elective is moving from their first drawing project to their first painting project. I am busily working on updating our school’s Artsonia website (www.artsonia.com/HoneyCreekCommunity1), so expect to see some great new things coming your way from our wonderful art students!

Art News: October 2012

I hope everyone has had a beautiful summer and is ready for some more great art projects produced by our Honey Creek students! I am thrilled to be back as your children’s art teacher and am looking forward to working with each one of our students throughout this school year. The K/1 classes will begin by exploring the art element of lines and primary colors. 2/3 classes will be starting a clay project which goes along with the 2/3 reading unit about Mitt the Michigan Mouse. The 4/5 students will be studying the art of camouflage by use of pastels in a Liu Bolin-inspired project. Middle School classes are doing a unit project on the celebration of Dia de los Muertos and the associated symbolism and cultural traditions. Middle School Elective has been creating canvas-covered “art journals” and will be beginning their first drawing project shortly. I would also like to inform everyone once again about our school’s  online art gallery, Artsonia. This website page was created by myself with the purpose of joining the thousands of other participating schools across the country in showing off our artists’ wonderful talents and skills. Each student has their own online portfolio which displays each of their art projects and goes with them from grade to grade, year to year. If your student is already registered on the website, you do not need to fill out another permission slip. If your student is not currently on the site, or if your student is new to  Honey Creek this year, you can pick up a permission slip and send it back in my staff mailbox or to your student’s teacher so that I can register them online. This process is a safety precaution and also protects your child’s privacy, allowing the parents or guardians that fill out the permission slip to have control over who can view their child’s work. You can visit our page at www.artsonia.com/HoneyCreekCommunity1. Half of the proceeds from sales through the gift shop go back to our school to buy more art supplies, and your support is, as always, very much appreciated.

I’m looking forward to another wonderful

Art News: June 2012

The year has come to a close and I am very proud of the spectacular amount of hard work and creativity that has gone into each project during this wonderful school year.   Our K/1 classes have finished up their hot air balloon projects and had a fantastic trip to the University of Michigan Museum of Art.  Our 2/3 classes wrapped up their Jasper Johns alphabets, and 4/5 classes completed their Picasso portraits.  Middle School students did a wonderful job finishing their optical illusions in colored pencil, and elective has done wonderful work on their final projects, taking inspiration from an artist of their choice to create a piece of art.

This has been an absolutely wonderful second year at Honey Creek for me, and I am so excited to come back in the fall and continue to work with our creative bunch!  I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!  Be sure to check out Artsonia to see some our awesome final projects!  www.artsonia.com/honeycreekcommunity1

Art News: May 2012

The school year has flown by and we are already in our last month of art projects!  Each class has something exciting happening for the last chunk of our year together.  K/1 classes are currently working on a project which incorporates a little science mixed with art.  We are studying hot air balloons, how they work, how they are designed, and beginning basics of perspective.

2/3 classes are working on an exciting project which asks them to think about their favorite memories.  They will each choose one to use as a subject for an illustration they will be creating based on that memory.

4/5 classes are starting a project on Pablo Picasso and his cubist style portraits, which asks students to think about the face in a very interesting way!

Middle School students are finishing up their optical illusion projects in colored pencil, and will be able to fit in one more project before the end of the year.  Elective is currently working on their final projects, based off of the style of an artist of their choosing.

We will have a great new collection of work up on our school’s art gallery website, Artsonia, in the coming week.  Make sure you get a chance to check out the work that our wonderfully creative students have been doing!  www.artsonia.com/HoneyCreekCommunity1

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