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PTO News December 2017

We are excited for the winter concert in a couple weeks. Also, don’t forget to take the time to appreciate our wonderful teachers and staff this holiday season. All the room parents collections and the Friday bagel collections are available over the next few weeks.
The Wellness Committee’s mindfulness offerings continue to grow! So far this year, all 2/3 students, some K/1 students, and two groups of middle school students have received mindfulness training in the classroom. Ten interested teachers and classroom support staff are being trained in mindfulness fundamentals. On Dec. 1st, Grace Helms Kotre offered a one-hour “Intro to Mindfulness” presentation for interested parents. The group discussed how mindfulness can be useful for children and parents, strategies for stress-relief and focusing, and ideas for future mindfulness offerings for our community.

The Committee is also trying something new!  We are going to pick a few books we’d like to read and discuss as a parent group over the year. We met in November to informally discuss Part 1 of the Middle School Makeover by Michelle Icard. We’re planning to meet at Panera Bread on Jackson Rd. on Wednesday, January 17, at 7:30PM, to discuss Part 2. We hope that many of you can join us – it isn’t necessary to have read the book, in order to contribute to the discussion! We welcome book suggestions for discussion in future months as well.
Happy Holiday’s from the PTO,
Alison, Ann, Janet, Carla and Committies

PTO News November 2017

HCCS families –

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this year’s Harvest Dinner, both within our school community and our wider community!  Thanks to Chef Chris Chiapelli and his colleagues, particularly those at the Black Pearl and UM Campus Farm, we fed about 200 people, and earned about $1200 in profit to use for initiatives for Wellness Committee this year, including Farm to School activities, Edible Garden, Mindfulness classes for both children and teachers, and more! Also, a big thank you for all the volunteers!  We want to give a special thank you to the Middle School.  In addition to the students who worked so hard on the Haunted Stage, there were also many others who ran activities throughout the Fall Festival.  
Please join us for the next PTO meeting in the PIT at 2:20 on November 10th. Aftercare is free if you are in the meeting.
In November, look forward to social events that the room parents are setting up.
Thanks again for all your volunteer help this year! As always, the more we do the better experience for the teachers and kids of wonderful community school.
Enjoy all the November holidays!
Alison, Carla, Ann, Janet

PTO News October 2017

Hello HC families, its that boo time of year!

Firstly, I want to thank all that assisted with the walk and run-a-thon. It was extra hot this year but we had a record number of participants! Our projections for revenue are coming in low at $4,000, but we are hoping that is because we don’t have everyone’s pledge totals. Please help get them in via the PayPal link or check.

Don’t forget the spooktacular fall festival on October 20th. STEM and Wellness will be presenting this wonderful night of food and fun activities.

We will be voting on the budget at the next meeting, so feel free to comment on the google doc ahead of time or attend the meeting.

Thanks to the room parents for kicking off social events with popsicles after school, the kids and parents enjoyed them.

Thanks for all the family support!

PTO News June 2017

As we close out the year, please know the PTO has done its best to use our funds to better the experience of our teachers and students. From the walk-a-thon to the Fall festival to the STEM fair to Earth Day to teacher appreciation to PE play day to garden harvests we make life a bit more enjoyable.

As we look forward, we are in immediate need of a co-chair and secretary. The board meetings are laid back and fun and keep you better informed of what is going on at the school. We can talk about changing meeting times or locations for those that need more accommodation. We can also work out virtual attendance for those that need that option.

Please contact me anytime at Hccs.pto.cochair@gmail.com.

Enjoy your summer!

Alison and Sharon

PTO News 2017

Thanks to all that made teacher appreciation week a success. We are so happy to have the wonderful community of teachers and staff.
The garden cleanup date was fairly successful this year with the Honey Creek families partnering with Gretchens’s House families to weed, build garden paths, and lay compost in the Honey Creek playground and A-wing gardens and the Gretchen house playground gardens. With additional help from K-1 classes, Erica Melnykowycz, and several Honey Creek classes on Earth Day we were able to plant nearly all seedlings and seeds in the gardens. The playground garden has peas, kale, and turnips now visible and onions, broccoli, lettuce, shallots, carrots, arugula, and various herbs while the A-wing garden has blueberry plants, cabbage now visible, and potatoes. The only cold-season plants not planted are strawberries, which the girl scouts will plant in the A-wing garden on Monday May 8. I will lead a Honey Creek garden caretaker meeting on Wednesday May 17 at 3:30 PM. We will meet outside the greenhouse. Anyone interested in helping out with the caretaking of the Honey Creek gardens are invited. All that is necessary is watering, weeding, and harvesting.
The wellness committee has lots of volunteer needs:
1) 4/5 Maturation Unit May 11 – The Wellness Committee puts together a goodie bag for the 4/5’s health unit coming up.  The materials are already purchased, we just need a volunteer to sort and bag them on Thursday, May 11 during school. It should take one person less than an hour. Contact janeden@sbcglobal.net
2) PE Play Day June 2 – The Wellness Committee assists with PE Play Day by providing fruit, water/water bottles, sweat bands, and popsicles.  We need one helper to buy and bring fruit that day (you will be reimbursed) and 2-3 helpers to move large water jugs to the field. Contact jjosefos@umich.edu
3) Farm to School 2017-2018 – Throughout the year the Wellness Committee sponsors a monthly Farm to School Try-It day which features samples of local fruit or vegetables in the cafeteria. Big thanks to Eric and Christine for running this program this year!  Next year we will need more champions!  Please let us know if you are interested in helping with this program. A lot of the planning is done during the summer months and you will have help. Contact janeden@sbcglobal.net
4) Edible Garden Caretakers Summer 2017 – The Wellness Committee also sponsors the Edible Garden. Tom Kovacs is helping coordinate caretakers this year. Sign up here to help.
The PTO has put together a volunteer listing for all the fun events and jobs we need filled at our school for next year. Please consider signing up for one of these jobs so they do not go unfilled for next year. When we become a member of HC, we pledge to volunteer to make this school more successful. There are a lot of volunteers positions for our small family, please make sure you are fulfilling your pledge.
As the year draws to a close, we want to especially thank all that give their time and resources to make our school the best it can be. Don’t forget to do your part as and lobby for our school using the letter that was sent via email on May 1, 2017. If you need a copy please email hccs.pto.cochair@gmail.com.
Thanks again,

PTO News April 2017

April rain is upon us and we are starting to see the renewal of life. April brings spring break renewal and Earth Day celebrations. The school will celebrate together on the 21st. We can also celebrate by assisting with the garden cleanup from 10-4 on Saturday April 8th and taking care of the seedlings in the greenhouse. Please reach out to Tom Kovacs if you are able to help out. As a family, you can also look around your own city for earth cleanup opportunities.
The talent show dinner was amazing once again and the talent HC students provide is a wonder. The eighth grade trip earned over $2,000! Thanks to all that came and showed your support. Remember that we need new volunteers to run the talent show next year if we are going to keep the show a staple at HC. If you are interested please email Alison and hccs.pto.cochair@gmail.com.
As we look to May, remember the 1st-5th is teacher appreciation week. The PTO will do something for the teachers every day that week. Please make sure you are also taking a moment to recognize all your teachers do for your kids.
Have a wonderful renewal month,
Alison and Sharon
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