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Technology update for January, 2012

The 2/3 technology classes have been working on a project called “The Engineer’s Notebook”, combining design and building with using the iPads. In this project, students have been working on designing a simple idea using DoodleBuddy (an iPad app), then gathering the pieces for their project (either Lego or K’Nex), and documenting their building process using the iPad’s camera. Once the building process is complete, they are creating a notebook documenting their experience using Pages on the iPad. This has been a great project and I’m excited to show this work during January’s Curriculum Celebration.

After finishing work on their Scratch projects, the 4/5 technology classes were introduced to our newest technology asset, the iPad cart! We’ve had several sessions for students to learn how to use various apps, including iMovie on the iPad (which is a great tool for quickly putting together a video with multiple clips, music, and easy
transitions between segments).

The Middle School technology classes are currently wrapping up a project called “Analyzing Technology”. In this unit, students are given the hypothetical situation that the school must replace all the computer mice in use, and are given 3 options. Students are required to research the 3 choices, and write a convincing argument for one of the 3 choices, based on 4 points of data (including cost, student preferences gathered from classmates, and other data of their choosing).

The Middle School technology elective, Programming with Processing, is wrapping up, as the semester winds to a close. Their final work for this class is to choose their 3 favorite pieces of work to assemble into a digital portfolio, which will be shown during January’s Curriculum Celebration.

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