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Foundation Gives $100,000 to Honey Creek!

The Honey Creek Community School Foundation is a non-profit group seeking to serve one purpose: to raise funds, both from within and outside the Honey Creek community, to directly benefit our school.

In 2015, we did just that.  Due to the generous support from the Honey Creek community, the Foundation was able to gift $100,000 to our school (in 2 installations).  Because the Foundation supports Honey Creek directly, these gifts will enable changes such as improved technology, increases to staff compensation and professional development opportunities.  In 2015, 58 families made one-time contributions to the Foundation.  37 families made monthly contributions, which ultimately provide sustainable gifts for the Foundation and predictable revenue for our school.

The all-volunteer board, comprised of current student and alumni parents as well as HCCS teachers and staff, is committed to not only help Honey Creek weather times of decreased funding to education, but to provide sustained financial support to ensure a vibrant future for our school.  It is our goal to reach 100% participation from Honey Creek families in 2016!

One Reason Why Honey Creek Is at the Top

STEM Fair 2013The Education Trust-Midwest (ETM) -a nonpartisan, independent educational research, analysis, policy, and advocacy group- has highlighted Honey Creek and its authorizer, the Washtenaw Intermediate School District, as one of the top charter schools and authorizers in the state of Michigan. The ETM praises the efficacy with which Honey Creek and the WISD work together– in particular, their ability both to use data to drive decision-making and to maintain the flexibility to select and implement the most effective, highest quality teaching and learning practices. The ETM identifies mutual respect and “a laser-like focus” as significant contributors to Honey Creek’s status as a leader in setting state-wide performance standards.

For more information, read the EDMT analysis.


Honey Creek Rocks!

Image created at http://www.tagxedo.com/

Image created at http://www.tagxedo.com/

At the spring concert in 2014, Honey Creek Community School families were asked to share their stories. Why did they originally bring their child(ren) to Honey Creek, and what do they love about Honey Creek now? Families were enthusiastic about their commitment to Honey Creek. The most mentioned response was the small class size, followed closely by Honey Creek’s dedicated teachers. One family wrote, “We were drawn to Honey Creek by the small class sizes.  What we cherish is the attention to each child individually and focus on how each child learns.”  Another family wrote, “We send our son to Honey Creek because we love the teachers and the care they take in their teaching.”  Honey Creek families praised the project-based learning and multi-age classrooms.  One family highlighted the “project-based learning so more ‘real life’ (on-the-job) experiences with critical thinking, cooperative collaboration and decision making.”   Another family stated, “We came for a school with the freedom to try new, proven ideas like more play, hands-on learning and teaching social skills.”   Honey Creek families were also delighted with the strong sense of community and high parental involvement.  One family praised the “close community with lots of parental involvement and opportunities.”  Several families were also drawn to Honey Creek’s emphasis on diversity.  Families identified the “many different types of families,” described Honey Creek as “an inclusive, welcoming and safe school for families of all types” and praised “the great value placed on multiculturalism.”  Honey Creek families had great stories, including: “Before we came here, our boys would cry each and every day–not wanting to go to their other school.  Today they look forward to coming and are thriving!” and “We came to Honey Creek as refugees from our neighborhood school. Honey Creek really feeds our whole kid–emotionally, academically, socially.” As evidenced, Honey Creek families are very happy with their choice.  One family summed it up simply, “Honey Creek rocks!”

School Closed due to inclement weather

Due to inclement weather and road conditions, Honey Creek will be closed today, January 9, 2015. 

Fun With Science For HC Science Olympiads

Honey Creek elementary students, from grades 2 – 5, have taken part in The Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad (WESO) since 2011. WESO is the largest Science Olympiad in the country with over 30 schools competing. Our Honey Creek team philosophy is to have fun with the science. This experience not only teachers our students to learn more about their event’s focus, but they also learn the essentials of teamwork and the value of working together to find a solution. In 2014, Honey Creek’s school team was made up of 15 students comprising 11 teams. Of those teams, 2 medaled and 9 received ribbons. We are very proud of our Honey Creek Science Olympians. To learn more about WESO please visit: http://www.aaps.k12.mi.us/wesowizards.home/about.

Detroit Free Press Recognizes Honey Creek

The Detroit Free Press recognized Honey Creek as an innovative charter school with excellent academic outcomes. In June 2014, the Free Press published the results of an exhaustive investigation of charter schools in Michigan. The Free Press found many things to criticize about other charter schools, but singled out Honey Creek Community School as an example of how to do things right saying in part, “Honey Creek, the first charter school in Washtenaw County and among the first to open in Michigan, fits what some early visionaries wanted: a place where teachers would develop different approaches to education. …The students perform well academically. The school is ranked at the 85th percentile on the Michigan Department of Education’s top-to-bottom listing of all schools in the state, and students score well above their peers statewide in every subject on the Michigan Educational Assessment Program exam.”

Read the Free Press article.

Middle School Teacher Joe Griffith Receives Education Excellence Award

Joe Griffith, Honey Creek’s middle school Social Studies instructor, has been recognized for his work on Homelessness and Microeconomics with an Education Excellence Award, given by the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) and SET SEG School Insurance Specialists. The Education Excellence Award recognizes original, innovative programs that positively affect student achievement. Homelessness and Microeconomics aims to raise awareness, challenge students’ views on society, alleviate stereotypes and provide an opportunity for students to participate in activities that help to better the community.

Honey Creek Teams Up for Science

Honey Creek elementary and middle school students have taken part in both the country’s largest Science Olympiad and in NASA’s Space Settlement Contest.

Twenty-four Honey Creek students, from grades 2 – 5, created 15 teams to participate in the 2012 Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad (WESO). This was Honey Creek’s second season participating in WESO. This year, 25 schools and 1,621 students from across Washtenaw County were a part of the Olympiad. Two Honey Creek student teams won medals: 2nd grade “Sink or Float,” and 3td grade “Rock Hunters.”

The Phoenix Eclipse Space Settlement, created by a team of Honey Creek middle school students, was awarded an Honorable Mention in the NASA Ames Research Center  and National Space Society’s annual  Space Settlement Design Contest. This year, NASA and the NSS received 474 submissions from students in 19 countries. Following the award, the Honey Creek team traveled to Washington, D.C., to informally present their proposal at the International Space Development Conference.

Honey Creek Students Participate in First Annual Walk and Run-a-Thon

On Saturday, October 1, 2011, over X number of Honey Creek students participated in the first annual Walk and Run-a-Thon! Students raised almost $6000, which was used to partially fund the school’s new iPad cart. Great job, Honey Creek!

Honey Creek students help with the Feed the Children program

AnnArbor.com posted a news story today that covers how some of Honey Creek’s 4th and 5th grade students helped with the Feed the Children program.

On Thursday afternoon, about 15 fourth- and fifth-grade students at Honey Creek Community School came to move the supplies from large pallets and into waiting cars for distribution.

The supplies are among many basic resources a child who is homeless or in a transitional housing situation may not have for many reasons, said Peri Stone-Palmquist, Education Project program manager.

Read the full AnnArbor.com article about Honey Creek’s help with Feed the Children.

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