Weekly Update – May 15, 2020

Greetings all,

I hope this email finds you well. I know this period of isolation has been difficult for many, so I hope that you are finding ways to take care of yourself.

If you have been following the news, you know that the school aid fund is dependent on sales tax. The economic impact of the shutdown has had a significant impact on that fund, and we expect there to be funding cuts for the present school year as well as next year. While there is a great deal of speculation, no amount has been determined at this time. We should learn more in the coming days.

At this time, we still do not know what school will look like, but I am preparing for three scenarios at this time.  This is not a complete plan but rather a synopsis of approaches:

1.     School opens as normal in August with regular temperature checks and hand-washing. Furniture, railing, and door handles to be sanitized several times per day. Arrivals and departures will be staggered, and lunch will take place in the classroom.

2.     Half of a class will attend on alternate days. This could be determined by grade level, but we may also decide to remain multi-age and split classes in half.  Fifty percent of students would attend on Monday and Wednesday, and the other fifty percent will attend on Tuesday and Thursday. The groups would alternate Fridays. On days when the group does not have in person classes, instruction will be delivered on line. We would also take all of the precautions mentioned in item 1.

3.     We continue to deliver instruction online in a formal approach. Attendance will be taken, and work will be submitted and evaluated. We are presently exploring tools to create more consistency and ease of access.

At this time, we are awaiting guidance from the State as to how we will proceed. I’m sure that both infection rates and politics will contribute to the state decision.

We continue to search for new board members. If you have an interest, please contact Matthias Kirch, kirchm@med.umich.edu .



P.S. If you need support for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact me. Here are few links that you may find helpful:


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