Board News March 2018

Honey Creek Community School
Minutes of January 24, 2018


Board members present: Wayne Millette, Bridgette Carr, Melanie Hagan, Matthias Kirch, Andy Sheibar, Megan Masson-Minock, Victoria Bennett,

Not Present: Bryan Cole, Barnaby Pung

Staff and Community Members Present: Megan Rodgers, Al Waters, Shellee Almquist, Mary Bassett, Jennifer Crayne, Sue Hofbauer


Public Participation



Consent Agenda Action Item

December 20, 2017 Board Minutes

  • One amendment to board spotlight. Al: “Due to the current lottery process, it’s difficult to increase diversity.”
  • December 2017 Financial Report
  • December 2017 Expenses
  • December 2017 School Age Programs, AS-L & ICT Report
  • Amended consent agenda approved 6:0


Board Spotlight

Mischooldata Updates (Al Waters)

The State been changing how they report to families about quality of schools. School report card has been renamed “School Transparency.” The new website to access this information is called myschooldata.org. Student growth and test scores over the previous years is measured and also compared to other schools. Scores from previous years are not included due to how much the test has changed over the years; it is difficult to compare results.


Circle of Influence
Megan Rodgers

Megan put together a wishlist of individual items that people would be able to purchase for the school, rather than donating sums of money to Honey Creek. The wishlist will be available electronically. Some of the items/equipment are not traditionally included in grants so it would be especially helpful to have some of these items donated.

Megan also passed out a chart for the board members to fill out. The chart shows how people had reach out to different groups of communities that they are a part of that one could potentially fundraise from. For example: neighborhoods, workplace, clubs etc.


Directors Report

TerraNova tests have been returned, the information is currently being processed into a database. A full report will be given to the board in February.

The Title IV Grant was approved. Looking to send four teachers to service learning conference in Minnesota in March, purchase a weather station to collect data which will be shared with Weather Underground, as well as the Life Stories project for the 2-3 classes.

Looking for funding for Joe’s homelessness and economics unit as well as the bartering fair. Supplies are collected and donated to the Delonis Center in Ann Arbor.

Low turnout for enrollment meeting. 19 spots open for kindergarten class, waiting list for other classes. Possibly due to enrollment being difficult in previous years, limited spots discourages parents from applying.

Articles of Incorporation have been mailed. It is expected to pass because it was pre-approved prior to mailing.

Application for principal position is being reviewed. The search will be statewide, current teachers at HC may also apply. Governance committee will be making this process a top priority in order to keep it timely and efficient.


Faculty Liaison Report

Question was asked about where to find staff handbook. There isn’t currently an up to date handbook for staff members.

15-year salary bump requested for employees. There is currently a salary increase for employees who have worked 5 and 10 years at HC, but nothing beyond that.


Foundation Liaison Report

The foundation board discussed what gift to give to the school. No final decision has been made. The nine ninety remains outstanding. A trivia night fundraiser is being planned for either February or April. The appeal went well and the outcome was positive.


PTO Report

Meeting canceled due to snow day


Strategic Plan Committee Reports

Finance Committee – Bridgette Carr

Meeting scheduled for 2/1/18


Governance Committee – Megan Masson-Minock

Discussed revised goal for director’s evaluation as well as parent survey preparation . Policy manual draft policy to be completed by 2/8/18


Communications/Outreach Committee – Andy Sheibar

Social media manager needed. One person, either full or part time tbd, needs to be in charge of managing social media presence.

PTO website redesign requested, however this is not the same as what is being done to the HC website, so this will not be possible.

Communications Plan Draft submitted. Shows guidance, and feedback from community. Document is fluid and being changed and updated as necessary. This could be a potential board spotlight for next month’s meeting. The majority of the meeting was focused on how to improve email communications.


Sustainability Committee – Barnaby Pung

Largely worked on Megan’s review which has been completed. Al will provide a high level summary at the next board meeting. The two main focus points were on the necessity of the position and assessing the level Megan’s overall success at the position.

Plans to have a storytelling event as a fundraiser hosted at Washtenaw Community College were discussed. The idea is based off an event that was held in New York City. This event would also help to create more community awareness about Honey Creek to those who aren’t familiar with the school. More details to come as the project is created.


Old Business

Director’s Evaluation Action Item

Future goals will be returned next month’s meeting

Al presented the self-evaluation and evidence.  His only concern is that there are possibly too many goals, some of the criteria for the goals need to be better specified. For example “become a more active spokesperson for the school and the community.” The criteria and focus areas aren’t clear which makes it difficult to complete the goals.

Board President Megan Masson-Minock:

  • reviewed the self-evaluation and evidence for each domain, allowing for comment and asking for consensus on score for each performance indicator.  All scores were accepted by a complete consensus of the Board by a show of hands.
  • calculated an overall professional practice score of 90% with a correlating rating of highly effective.
  • reviewed evidence provided on student growth.  A score of 4 was the consensus of the Board, by a show of hands.  
  • reviewed evidence provided on progress toward district-wide goals.  A score of 3 was the consensus of the Board, by a show of hands.
  • calculated an overall evaluation score based on professional practice, progress towards district-wide goals and student growth of 91% with a correlating rating of highly effective.

Vote for completion of year end evaluation of superintendent and score:  approved 7-0 by roll call vote.


New Business

Letter of Agreement Re; Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services Action Item

Arrangement made to have Deaf/HOH students to be enrolled at Honey Creek, financial compensation is to be given per student according to the amount of time each student spends in the classrooms. Funds from a grant given to the Deaf/HOH services will be used to pay Honey Creek.

Motion to approve the letter of agreement as written passes unanimously 7:0


Board Kudos

Thank you to everyone that helped to make a successful Curriculum Night and Enrollment meetings.


Preparation for Board Communications

Al’s Director Evaluation will be shared through HBON

Formalized letter of agreement   

Coming Meetings/Events

Public Participation: None

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 6:37pm

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