Director’s Note February 2018

Greetings all,

We have been hit hard by the flu season. Our staff continues to wipe down surfaces with Clorox Wipes to limit the spread of illness, and while regular attendance is important, we urge you to keep your child home when he or she is ill. I’m hopeful that the mid-winter break, scheduled for February 15-19, will provide enough time for the viruses to cease spreading.


Honey Creek held two enrollment meetings in January, and once again we will have waitlists at all levels as the interest exceeds the number of available seats.


On January 5th, Metro Parent published an article on the top 100 elementary schools in Michigan. There are a total of 1402 elementary schools in the state, and Honey Creek was rated number 85. The vast majority of schools rated higher than Honey Creek are in Oakland County. Those schools receive significantly higher funding than Honey Creek. For example, Troy, which holds the top nine spots, receives $9075 per student compared to Honey Creek, which receives $7631 per student. If Honey Creek received the same level of funding, we would have an additional $361,000.


Here is the link if you would like to know how ratings were determined:


Finally, I’d like to express my congratulations to the students and their teachers for an outstanding Curriculum Celebration. I’ve heard from many parents how impressed they were by the quality of work that was on display.







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