4/5 Newsletter April 2017

Later Elementary

It’s time to learn about the people who make our world and history interesting!  We are taking on historical and current figures while we learn about biographies!  Students are working on writing a biography of their person, but the big attraction for them is the presentation of the 4/5 Wax Museum!  We’ll be turning the hallways of C Wing into an informational and exciting museum, one you have not ever seen the likes of!  More information will be coming soon about the date, as it turns out April is a very busy month!
5th graders are scheduled to start the MStep testing this month.  4th graders will follow on in May.  Additional math units and extra language arts will be taught to the level that is not testing, so that both levels will receive the instruction by the end of testing cycle.
Science has been rocking and rolling!  We’ve been covering water’s place on Earth, and how it works with the atmosphere, geosphere and biosphere to shape our planet.  We spent time learning about the water cycle through an interactive game and we learned that every drop of water doesn’t necessarily cycle through every possible place water goes on Earth!  Learning about rivers and bodies of water and how they help shape our landscape was interesting!  Ask your student to tell you how rivers move over time, and what oxbow lakes are!  We’ll move on to energy topics for a bit, to tie in with the technology project of Wigglebots.  Then, we take our planetary study into space and cover more about our planet.  So many journeys to take through science!

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