2/3 Newsletter April 2017

HBON 2-3 Level


Language Arts/Social Studies: The middle elementary students have been learning all about the Erie Canal and how it brought immigrants to the Michigan before it became a state. We are currently reading Erie Trail West, a historical fiction book which takes place on the Erie Canal. A family experiences  hardships along the canal while moving to their home which is in Howell, Michigan. We are working on narrative writing using the writing process to develop topic sentences, good leads, details and concluding paragraphs.


Math/Science: With Jessica P’Simer’s assistance and integration of technology, the students developed an I movie trailer based on 2 D and 3 D shapes. You will be able to view these short video clips during May’s Curriculum Celebration. Balobby Land was our focus for math by learning about area and perimeter. The students developed floor plans of a Balobby room and are writing about rules and regulations to integrate what they have learned about government. We continue to work on practicing our math facts, time, money, and regrouping. Force and motion is the unit for Science and we are exploring about what it means to do “work” and how force is applied through various experiments.


The students will be taking a field trip to the Ann Arbor Hands On Science Museum on Tuesday, April 25th to learn more about force and motion.

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