Pick-up and Drop-off Etiquette

Dear Honey Creek Families,

Please help keep our kids safe! And be great role models for them! There have been numerous complaints about unsafe traffic conditions, both in front of the school and especially back near the modulars. Below are guidelines for navigating the parking lots; most importantly please STOP at crosswalks and NEVER double-park.

–Fire lanes

There is no parking at any time in the fire lane. These are the lanes by the curb both in front of the building and along the fence by the modulars. You may stand in these lanes (remaining in your car) at pick up and drop off, but you may never leave your vehicle unattended in these lanes. This includes outside of normal school hours (such as pick up from aftercare or activities, or during school gatherings — even in the evening). If you use the curb area for drop-off or pick up, please use your directional signal and check for traffic before driving away from the curb.

If you find yourself using the curb lane when school buses are present, then you should use the designated parking lots instead. Buses at High Point are transporting students with disabilities and always have priority over other automobile traffic.

If you need to leave your car to enter school, even for a few minutes, please park in a designated parking area.

Of course it is NEVER acceptable to double park even if you remain in your vehicle. If you cannot find a space at the curb, you must use the designated parking areas.


Drivers, please come to a complete stop at each crosswalk. There are six crosswalks on the circular drive through the WISD campus. Four of these crosswalks are regularly used by families with young children. Because children are often entering crosswalks from between two cars, they may be difficult to see and their view of oncoming traffic will be limited.

Pedestrians, please use crosswalks to move across traffic, especially during busy drop off and pick up times. Children should never be unattended either in drive lanes or in parking areas.

It is NEVER acceptable to drive around other cars stopped at a crosswalk or to swerve around pedestrians in the crosswalk. It is also NEVER acceptable to park in a crosswalk. Pedestrians have the right of way.

–Speed limits

The posted speed limit within the WISD is 15 miles per hour, 5 miles an hour through crosswalks. Please comply with this speed limit at all times. Be prepared to stop during peak pedestrian times such as morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up.

–Standing lanes

During pick-up and drop-off, cars may stand in fire lanes. Please use turn signals to indicate change in lane. Forming a second line of cars is not safe for children and is confusing to other drivers. If you are not able to join the line of standing cars, please keep moving or park in a designated parking spot.


If children are not picked up within 15 minutes of dismissal (by 3:30 for normal school day), they need to report to aftercare until an adult arrives. Children must be encouraged to wait safely (out of drive areas) for parents.

–Drop-off/Pick-up Near the Modulars

The pedestrian walkways are less defined near the modulars. Drivers should be extra cautious in this area. Double parking is not permitted in the area near the modulars. Please be mindful of your speed and of other drivers and use directional signals when re-entering traffic.

Please use curb as drop-off area, use turn signal to indicate that you are moving into drive lane, and use the circular drive to continue out of the parking area.      

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