Directors Note

Greetings All,

It appears that we have another

week of mild weather, but winter

storms are due to arrive, often when

we least expect them.

In general, we do not close for cold weather,

but we will close when roads become hazardous. We also close when a building issue creates an unsafe situation.

In the event of a closing, we will post on our website, and we will also send out an email. If we have enough notice, we try to get the email out about 6 A.M.  We also post our closings on FOX 2, Local 4, ABC 7, WWJ-TV 62, CW 50 Detroit, WWJ 950 News Radio, and WJR Radio.


Additionally, if you receive texts on your cell phone, please follow the link below. You will receive a text as soon as the decision to close is made.

Sign up to receive Remind texts for school closings


Another matter of safety involves legislation presently being considered for passage in Lansing. Senate Bills 442 and 561 address the present controversy over guns in schools; however, they will address the issue by allowing concealed carry permit holders to conceal carry in schools. I encourage you to express your feeling on this matter as well as any of the bills outlined below to your local legislator.

House Bill 4822 requires retention of third grade students who do not demonstrate proficiency in reading on the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP). Parents have no say in retention or promotion of general education students and no consideration is allowed for students who have made significant progress toward becoming proficient. Students with disabilities may be promoted based on the recommendation of the IEP team. Recent data released by the MDE indicates that about 50,000 students would be retained if this law went into effect this year.

Amendments to Public Act 451 will allow the state or a local districts to create  School Empowerment Zones. This bill is confusing and provides for extensive changes to public and charter school enrollment as well as to how decisions regarding the opening and closing of school are made. If Ann Arbor were to become an Empowerment Zone, all schools within the AAPS geographical boundaries would be subject to the decisions of the Empowerment Zone Manager.

The bill requires the creation of an Empowerment Zone Board and administration. This entity would exist in addition to all of the local school boards. The Empowerment Zone would be funded by charging all schools within the zone one percent of their school funding. The Empowerment Zone Manager would have final say over which schools would stay open and which schools would close.

This Bill originated in a effort to address the financial difficulties in Detroit Public schools. It is anticipated that to address the financial concerns in Detroit, districts throughout the state would see state funding reduced by $50-75 per student. This reduction could cause the fund balance in many districts to drop below 5%, which would place many districts in financial distress. Once a district is in financial distress, the district or local residents through the petition process could take steps to put an Empowerment Zone in place.

Please consider how these bills would impact education at Honey Creek as well as across the state, and consider sharing your perspective with our local and state legislators.

Thank you for your continued support,


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