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Because Honey Creek Community School is a charter school, we are considered our own school district by the State of Michigan, and thus must have our own school board. The school’s Board of Trustees is responsible for setting policy, approving school budget, and acting as the governance body for the school. The Board is made up of parents of Honey Creek students and community members. The primary responsibility of the board is to implement the mission of the Honey Creek Community School: to develop the whole child by integrating a rigorous, project-based curriculum, real-life experiences and expertise, a focus on relationships, and an emphasis on the importance of community in a supportive, multi-age classroom setting.

The public is welcome to attend Honey Creek Board meetings. Board meetings are generally scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month. Meetings are held at 5:30PM in the High Point Reception Room (Pit). Please see the school calendar for specific dates and times. Our next meeting is October 28, 2015.

Board elections are held annually in May to fill vacancies (electronic ballots will be sent out). Each family and staff member (half-time or greater) has one vote per open seat on the board.

2015-16 Board Members (term ending):

President: Greg White (2016)

Vice President: Karen Andrews (2017)

Treasurer: Andrew Banas (2018)

Secretary: Christine Kelley (2016)

Trustee: Pam Reister (2017)

Trustee: Steve Rich (2017)

Trustee: Megan Masson-Minock (2018)

Trustee: Linda Shirato (2018)

Trustee: Sara Hoffman (2018)

Board Update:

Full Board Minutes for each meeting are available on the Honey Creek website: http://honeycreekschool.org/who-are-we/the-honey-creek-team/school-board.

The Board met for its annual retreat in September 2015. After a long day of discussion and review, we drafted a Strategic Plan for Academic Success. This draft is included here; it is a living document, meant to be revisited and revised as new perspectives or challenges emerge.

Board conversation has been focused on completing a budget for the 2015-16 school year, with the current budget including a $50,000 deficit. As more concrete numbers come in, this deficit is expected to get smaller; we are also hoping for contributions from the foundation to help with this number. The board hopes to be able to offer teachers a raise this year, and is also looking at hiring a principal to assist in curriculum alignment and teacher support. One way we are looking at increasing savings is moving to a management company, which would allow some staff the ability to leave the state retirement system, resulting in savings for both the school and those staff. We have also decided to wait to fill the Media Specialist position until our audit is complete, and we finish negotiating our lease with the WISD.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any board member, and public is always welcome at meetings!

Respectfully submitted by Christine Kelley, Board Secretary

Next meeting October 28, 5:30 pm. PUBLIC ALWAYS WELCOMED!

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