Directors Note October

Greetings all,

I’d like to introduce you to a new member of our community, Stop Sign. Stop joined us in late August, and has been placed in the greenway just across from the main entrance. He is disappointed in his placement because he is rather hard to see, and as a result, he is somewhat self-conscious, believing that he is not doing his job well. Perhaps you could help me restore Stop’s self-esteem by taking notice of him and coming to a full stop before driving through the crosswalk at the main entrance. You will not only be helping Stop, but you will be providing safe crossing for our students and families.



This month we will begin our administration of the TerraNova assessment. All students in third through eighth grade will participate. The testing schedule will be determined by your child’s classroom teacher. The TerraNova requires far less testing time than state assessments. Additionally, student performance data is available within two weeks. State data often takes six months to get back to the school, and because of all of the transitions in state testing, TerraNova data is presently more reliable.

Major events this month include student/parent/teacher conferences, which are scheduled for October 16th and 23rd. The fall festival is also scheduled for the 23rd. It is a fun event for adults of all ages, so be sure to join us.

All the best,


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