Physical Education and Swim

Physical Education and Swim

We are really looking forward to PE Play Day on May 29th where all the students have a chance to be outside and interact with all grade levels in a fun, field day setting.

We are beginning some assessments in class. All our students will be participating in the Pacer Test as part of the Fitnessgram to help assess aerobic capacity. In K-1 this is done as more of an introduction and “game.” They use this time to challenge themselves, work on setting goals, and practice following directions. All students are encouraged to cheer on their classmates during the Pacer Test, practicing good sportsmanship as well. In later grades, we assess how many times a student can “beat the beep” while running either 15 or 20 meters across the gym. We did this in January so students will be able to compare their own personal results from then to see how they have improved throughout the year.

As the weather warms up we will be going outside more for classes. Middle school classes will be finishing up Frisbee as well as working on completing an ongoing project of “fitness journals.” Students have been logging their physical activity each day so that they can begin to think about the type of and how much physical activity they are doing each week, helping them to set personal fitness goals. The middle school elective class has been both in and out of the water this semester, doing a different activity nearly every class. They are finishing up projects this week in which they had to create a unique game that could be played in a physical education class at Honey Creek. The 4/5 classes were introduced to volleyball, dance, and yoga this past month and are working on ultimate Frisbee rules and skills now. In 2/3 they are working on skill review including: striking, throwing, and catching. They will be introduced to heart rate and Frisbee over the next couple of weeks. The K1 classes will be doing a lot of skill practice with different stations in the gym. Along with stations, we will be focusing on improving our locomotor skills by playing various games and they will be introduced to a variety of yoga poses during warm- ups. In swimming, we are practicing many of the strokes/kicks/and turns that we already learned throughout the year. We are also taking the deep end test in all of the classes and continuing with some water safety fun! Our goal is to get everyone comfortable in the water and help each student improve their individual skill level.

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