Board News May

Board News

The Board of Trustees met on April 22, 2015. Present: Greg White (president), John Lonsway (treasurer), Christine Kelley (secretary), Karen Andrews, Nina Nabors, Pam Reister, Angie Tracey, Steve Rich, Al Waters, Shellee Almquist, Karen Giltrow, Tammy Hall, Liz Scott. Also present for Board Spotlight: Will Hathaway, Sara Brintnall.

Board Spotlight: Karen Andrews and the governance committee invited Diana Kern of the NEW Center to present around being an effective member of a charter school board. She presented Board Roles, Responsibilities, and Governance Overview, tailoring her presentation to meet the needs of Honey Creek specifically. The board engaged in a conversation about where to go from here, and expressed gratitude to Diana and to Karen for inviting her.

Director’s Report: –Al reported on progress of M-STEP testing (this is going much more slowly than anticipated, an experience that is reportedly shared by many other schools). –Air Quality: Al presented data from one classroom and the front office for a 24- hour sample. Noted that the number of particulates in the air fluctuates significantly during the day, ranging from good to fair. Al will continue to collect this data, and share it with Randy Trent (maintenance supervisor); he will ask Randy to present his plan for addressing air quality concerns. –Replication/Expansion: Al reports strong support from the ISD, and has arranged a meeting with other educators who have been involved in establishing new programs in the district, to be held in June. –Articles of Incorporation/Bylaws: These had been edited by the governance committee and forwarded to WISD for review; WISD asked Al for written clarification of need for an expanded board, and he agreed to write this. –Marketing: Al attended presentation by two groups at UM Ross School of Business, and will share their recommendations with this board. Work continues to clarify and refine Vision and Mission statements; Board approved new Purpose Statement: Honey Creek Community School develops the whole child by integrating life, learning, and community. –Review of financial health: Al shared a report comparing financial health of schools in the state: http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2013/08/06/new-report-ranks-michigan- school-districts-financial-health/ Honey Creek has a very strong standing (1 on a 0-10 level of financial risk).


Following a $50,000 gift from the Foundation, our fund balance rests around 16%. Next month we will vote on final budget for this school year and have the first reading of next year’s budget.

Foundation Liaison: Approved gift of $50,000 to the general fund. Launched targeted spring fundraiser to replace outdated computer equipment.

Governance Committee: Working on several projects, including Director Evaluation, Board Self- Evaluation, improving Board Orientation, and inviting teachers to complete an Employee Satisfaction survey.

Full board is working to recruit members for the three open seats next year. Secretary will send emails requesting nominations, and will conduct elections the week of May 18.

Communications Committee: Work is progressing on video project; videographer was here on Earth Day and will return during week of curriculum celebration to capture images of project- based learning and interview Al and a few teachers.

Full board minutes are available at http://honeycreekschool.org/who-are-we/ the-honey-creek-team/school-board.

Public participation is always appreciated! Consider serving on the Board of Trustees: The Honey Creek Board of Trustees (the school’s governing body) will have at least THREE positions open next school year. Each position is a three-year term commencing in July 2015. We are currently recruiting candidates/nominees who will proudly represent the community and have an interest in any of the following areas: finance, policy, administrative oversight, business development, real estate development, and building exemplary community relations. The HCCS Board of Trustees meets monthly throughout the year, currently on the third Wednesday of the month at 5:30 pm.

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