2014 Middle School Cross Country – November 2014

Our grades 5-8 Runners had a successful and exciting season! We competed at a total of eight meets. Three of these were large, very competitive weekend invitationals with many hundreds of runners. Our runners took home many medals and memories.

Our other meets were against our regular competition, including Greenhills, St. Mary’s, St. Thomas, St. Francis, and Hillel Day School. In these meets, our boys team dominated, and our girls were also at the top.

A majority of our runners dramatically improved their times over the season! We celebrated our season with an awards banquet on October 22. Here are some of our awards winners:

Robbie Oates (Grade 7) – MVP
Hannah Jyawook (Grade 5) – MVP
Will Barhite (Grade 6) – Scholar/Athlete
Ruhi Khanna (Grade 7) – Scholar/Athlete
Hannah VanLoo (Grade 5) – Most Improved
Mosiah Selassie (Grade 7) – Outstanding Potential
Roman Quesada (Grade 6) – Outstanding Potential
Spencer Jyawook (Grade 7) – Leadership
Ben Simon (Grade 8) – Leadership

The season was a success due to the efforts of many families. Special thanks go to Alex Foulis, our team manager, Nobuko Jyawook, who helped with coaching, and Patty Deldin, who created a concession stand which raised funds for our new Race Clock.

Thank you – parents and athletes, for a wonderful season!

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