Board News – October 2014

Three Year Vision

Future Date: September 2017

  • Energized community supporting HCCS goals and lending their expertise
  • Synergy between Board-PTO-Foundation and Faculty
  • All families participate (volunteer hours and financially)
  • Faculty/Administration morale is high
  • The Board:
    • 9 members; 1 “at-large” member
    • Strategic board recruitment
    • Continuity of strategy and leadership from HCCS Board
  • Monetize our expertise
  • Partnership with educational institutions with resources
  • HCCS is a sponsee of a major funder
  • Economies of scale with other Charters
  • Defined partnerships with High Point
  • Robust, structured, consistent After-care enrichments programs
  • Academic Service Learning: teachers receive professional development and students have integrated projects
  • Foreign language curriculum
  • Rewards system and resources are increased/market competitive and titles have been reviewed
  • Adaptive administrative team to support developing needs (team of 3)
  • Predictability of revenue
  • Pipeline of revenue continuity built
  • $500K per year of funding from HCCS Foundation
  • Fund balance at 20-25%
  • Assessed feasibility of replication or expansion
  • Student population is more diverse
  • Strategy in place for facility planning
  • Sustained model of support through interns or college a”liates
  • In-kind donations from local businesses
  • Outcomes measures that track long and short-term success

One Year Plan

Future Date: September 2015

  • Supplemental reward for returning teachers
  • Financial Plan to support goals
    • Fund balance ≥12%
    • Monetize expertise
    • Partner with resources
    • Economies of scale
    • Predictable revenue pipeline
    • Federal/State grant applications
  • $150K from HCCS Foundation
  • Synergy between Board-PTO-Foundation and Faculty
  • Sta”ng plan for Administrative/Curriculum needs
  • Board development:
    • 9 members
    • Flexible/strategic/continuity
    • Updated By-Laws, Articles, Policies
  • Assessment: replication, expansion,

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