Director’s Note – October 2014

Dear Community,

September has been a very busy month at Honey Creek. Teachers and students are engaged, and much learning is taking place. This time of year, many of the teachers are completing their initial assessments, which guide them in the process differentiating both their curriculum and instruction to yield greater academic outcomes. Please reserve a slot at the conferences scheduled for October 17th and 24th. This is a great opportunity for you to discuss your child’s present academic level as well as the plan for addressing his or her continued achievement. Part of assuring the continued academic growth of all students is providing for the regular professional development of our teachers. This year, three of our teachers, Salli Kropp, Teresa Gonzalez-Woods, and Cindy Wauer will be participating in the second level of Assessment Literacy training. This experience will qualify them as trainers, and they will be mentoring Tammy Hall, Mary Bassett, Cheryl Quinn, and Johnny Thompson through the initial stages of the program. The training is targeted toward developing the following outcomes:

Students will:

  • Take ownership in their own learning
  •  Reflect on their strengths and weaknesses
  •  Be motivated for further study of topic
  •  Develop a deeper understanding

Teachers will:

  • Align instruction to the learning target
  • ·Allow for differentiation for individual student needs
  •  Collect accurate data for review of student achievement


I want to thank those of you who have worked with Shellee to enlist in our new online system. To date, she, Karen, and other members of our support staff have worked with this system to bring on our general ledger, accounts payable, cash receipts, and student billing and receipts. Additionally, we are close to implementing online enrollment, reenrollment, and attendance records. Shellee has accomplished all of this while working with our auditors to complete a flawless annual audit. Shellee’s quite awesome!


Your School Board has also been hard at work. The Board recognizes the hardships created by cuts in state funding as well as the numerous unfunded mandates, which have been put in place over the past few years. At our Board Retreat in September, the Board established several strategic goals to address funding and other issues. You will find an outline of the Board’s work later in this newsletter. Accomplishing these goals will be a central focus of the Board and administrations work over the next few years.


Finally, please keep in mind our upcoming conferences, walk/run-a-thon ( Oct. 18th) and Fall Festival (Oct. 24th).

Have a fun and safe autumn!


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