Physical Education and Swim News: November 2013

Hello All!

We are plugging along here in physical education and swim. The first few themes that have been covered in the K-5 have been team work, underhand throwing, and catching. The middle school is nearing the conclusion of the Ultimate Frisbee theme. Most recently, they have learned about marking, which means playing defense in Ultimate terms.
In swim, the K/1’s have been working hard to learn the basics of breathing, the front crawl, and becoming more comfortable in the water. We have begun to learn how to float on our backs. One of the favorite activities has been the pirate game. That is a game where all of the students are pirates, and they have to steer their ship (a kickboard) using the flutter kick to obtain “treasure,” and transport it back to port. Grades 2-5 have been working on learning the proper technique for the front crawl push, pull, and starting positions. Feel free to ask your student about “catching fish.” The middle school is refining the back crawl technique, and they are learning how the pool is not limited to training for swimmers alone. We have done a circuit that incorporates swimming skills, but also involves moderate to high intensity levels of physical activity. The recent circuit incorporated treading, bobbing, the back crawl, and some hydrodynamic stretching.
I am happy to mention that it was a pleasure meeting many of you at conferences. It was great to connect with those of you whom I have met, and I look forward to meeting those of you whom I have yet to meet. The most common question I got was “If my child is in swim class here, are out-of-school swim lessons necessary?” My answer: Since I use the American Red Cross curriculum for swim, which is what a majority of swim schools use for their lessons, outside swim lessons are not necessary. While the extra practice and coaching can be beneficial, your student should be able to proficiently swim that is appropriate to their age and developmental
level. There is also an after-school swim program through Aftercare that some of the other students participate in as well.
Lastly, a friendly reminded that all students need to come prepared for class. This includes having the appropriate attire and materials such as, swim suits, goggles and footwear.
As always, if you have any questions or anything, you can always send me an email at cstaniszewski@hc.wash.k12.mi.us. Keep warm as winter starts to sneak up on us!

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