Middle Elementary News: November 2013

It was great to see you all at conferences. Please keep up with reading our blogs each week as that is the place for the most current and specific information.
We are excited to be taking our first field trip on November 15. In conjunction with our social studies unit of Communities, we will be visiting the Ann Arbor fire station, the library and Kerrytown as well as using maps to help us navigate and a scavenger hunt to help children see all the parts of a community.
Math has focused on students telling time, getting acclimated to Reflex math and our 3-minute timed tests and working on mastering our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. 2nd graders need to know addition facts through 20, by memory, by the end of the year. 2nd graders also need to be fluent in subtraction facts within 20. 3rd graders need to know multiplication facts from 0s-9s by memory and be able to use these facts to solve the reciprocal facts in the division family.
We read daily in 2nd and 3rd grade! Students are read to each day with our class book. Children are loving the City of Ember and it is helping us think about communities as well as other topics in math, social studies and science. Students also read on their own each day in Read-to Self. During the week and month, students also read with a teacher through small, guided reading groups.
Personal narratives are on the agenda in writing. This is a story from your life. Children are learning about narrowing in on one topic, looking for ideas for stories in their own lives, using details in their writing, writing good leads and endings and revision. Revising is making our writing better and this is a major step for 2nd and 3rd graders. Instead of “one (draft) and I’m done” children are encouraged to go back and find ways to make each writing piece better.

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