Media Center News: November 2013

It’s been a crazy fall in the Media Center.  A few weeks after school started, a pipe running beneath the Media Center floor was found to be broken.  It took some time to get us back to working shape, but we’re in the groove now.  Thanks to all the teachers and students for their flexibility during the down-time; Marion was visiting classrooms with read-aloud and everyone was very accommodating.
The Media Center has been working with the Middle School as they work toward completion of their independent projects this fall.  Marion went along on the Ann Arbor District Library visit, and has been helping students locate the elusive pieces of information they need.  Media Center time for Middle School students has been used for project work, and is now reverting to its usual read-aloud and book selection time each week.
The Fall Book Fair, sponsored by Nicola’s Books, went very well at the Fall Festival.  At one point in the evening, the line for purchasing stretched to the door; thank you, Honey Creek!  Nicola’s will be letting us know how much we earned in credits toward new books for the Media Center.  We’re planning our Spring Book Fair for May 16, during Curriculum Celebration.
Students may now come into the Media Center on their lunch recess time, if they’re seeking a quiet place to read or work.  Several students each day enjoy the peace the Media Center provides to break from the pace of school work and enjoy a good book or get a head start on their homework.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2/3 students are welcomed in; on Wednesdays and Fridays it’s 4/5s, and Middle School students may come in every day with passes from their base class teachers.  Most students are very good about maintaining the peaceful atmosphere which is so appreciated by those who need some of that in their day.
The Leveled Reader collection purchased last year is very close to completely cataloged.  All items have been labeled with a letter-level sticker, and categorized broadly into Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology, and General Reading. The lower grades teachers have been making use of the collection and are pleased with how its organization is proceeding.

The Media Center encourages our students to bring in pieces of their art, to be displayed as the “Student Artist of the Week.”  We love to show student’s work in the Media Center for the Honey Creek community to admire.  If your student would like to display a piece of their work, please let Marion know, and it will be put up for its week in the spotlight.

As you plan your holiday shopping, please remember that the Media Center is grateful for donations of books.  We keep a wish-list on Amazon.com for those items we could especially use.  To make finding this list easy, we’ve included a link to it, on the Media Center’s home page, found near the bottom of the page, in the link “Help Build Our Collection.”

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