Board News: November 2013

 HCCS Board of Trustees October 23, 2013 meeting update
-Shellee Almquist provided the board an overview of school budget and told us how to review the monthly  financial information submitted to the board
-Lisa Wozniak recognized the importance of the discussion/communication regarding the new Michigan law mandating schools provide the opportunity to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
-Finance Committee: no report
-Fund Development: Al reported that the foundation is developing an information sheet to but used for fundraising at the individual and corporate levels.  The paperwork for the 501c3 status will be submitted once the bios of the members and a preliminary budget are received.  The next Foundation meeting is scheduled for November 6.
-Governance Committee:  Goals of the committee were reviewed and include the need to formalize the Board election process,  the need to develop a reporting mechanism for the director to update the board on the status of the Strategic Plan, and a process to maintain the director’s evaluation including a timeline for completion.
-Outreach Committee:  Will undergo a name change to the Communications Committee as this better describes their current role/function.   One of their primary focuses will be facilitating internal communication.
-Strategy Committee: This committee will evolve into the Community Involvement Committee to better meet the needs of the fourth goal of the strategic plan.
-Faculty Liaison: Mary Bassett provided faculty input with regards to the discussion during the September board meeting regarding the Pledge of Allegiance.  The faculty recognized that there were few families who had concerns about this state mandate, but encouraged the board to focus on the efforts needed to ensure the sustainability of the school.  Al reported he has received further concerns regarding the new law and recognized the time, talents and efforts of the faculty in making HCCS such a wonderful educational experience.
-Directors Report: Al reported the MEAP assessment is almost completed.  He continues to actively participate in county wide meetings regarding HCCS Focus School status.  He is also working with the new ISD facility manager regarding building maintenance.
-HCCS Charter Renewal:  Al reported the ISD is changing the process for renewal.  The HCCS portion is completed and the ISD is in the process of completing.
The board unanimously agreed to accept the audit results presented in September.
-The 2013-2014 board goals were reviewed
-The director’s evaluation will be presented to the board during the November meeting.
-Al provided a preliminary overview of the presentation scheduled for Friday 10/25 which will include role clarification, review of the strategic plan and information regarding the financial challenges the school is currently facing.
The next board meeting will be November 20, 2013 at 5:30 in the High Point reception room (i.e. the Pit) and is open to the public.   The complete minutes can be found on the HCCS web site.
Kelly Krawcke
BCCS Board Secretary


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