Middle School Language Arts News: June 2013

Middle School Language Arts
As we wrap up the year in middle school Language Arts, we will be experimenting with poetry in different forms.  The first week of June brings a middle school-wide poetry slam, and then, while the 8th graders are away at camp, the 6th and 7th graders will be experimenting with poetry and visual arts.  Truly exciting stuff.
As you know, summer lag can be a major issue for readers of all abilities.  Don’t let your child lose the progress they made in reading during the school year over the summer.  It takes the average reader 4-6 weeks to regain the skills they lost through “the summer slide.”  The good news is that ANY reading counts toward keeping those reading skills fresh.  Encourage your child to share books with friends, or enroll in your local library’s summer reading programs.  Let them choose books, even if they seem like “beach reads.”  Even adults need those now and then.  Are you looking for ways to get your kid to write over the summer?  Check out the summer program that Johnny and I are running, “Creative Explosion.”  It is open to grades 5-9, and kids from other schools are welcome, too!  Ask Johnny or me for details.

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