Media Center News: June 2013

Media Center
It has been a busy and productive year in the Media Center.  As the school year comes to a close, I ask the community to join me in thanking my two volunteer parents, who came in almost every week to help keep up with the shelving: Katy Kramp and Liz Meurer.  Thanks, both of you, for helping to keep the Media Center running smoothly.
Students have begun to receive check-lists of the items they need to return before the end of the year.  If there are items on the list that are shown as Lost, the replacement cost is listed.  We also take replacement copies if one can be found.  Media Center items can also be returned during the summer to the Honey Creek office.  Keeping track of Media Center material, and seeing that it is returned, is one of those continuing lessons in responsibility that kids keep working on.  Thanks to all who help them develop that sense.
As summer comes, so do the reading programs at the area’s public libraries.  I urge you to take your students to the libraries during the summer and let them enjoy both the reading and the fun activities that my public colleagues have planned.  If your K/1 student doesn’t yet have a library card, this should be the summer s/he gets one!  Getting one’s first library card should be a celebration for every kid!
Have a fun and relaxing summer; don’t forget to read every day!  Marion

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