Early Elementary News: June 2013

Early Elementary News
To complete our final theme unit of the year, My Journey Through the World, students worked together in groups to create weather reports about different severe weather events.  To reinforce the content from this unit, K-1went to the Peter F. Hurst Planetarium in Jackson, MI for the final field trip of the year. The focus for this field trip was weather in general, and the children saw a program produced by the Michigan Science Center. The program utilizes the WDIV TV Weather Team to explain atmospheric phenomena from lightning strikes to tornadoes and includes information about the water cycle, lightning safety, and how the sun influences the realm between the ground and the stars.
In the language arts curriculum, we are focusing on poetry in writing workshop and retelling nonfiction text elements in reading workshop. In math, we’re wrapping up our final unit of the year: Problem Solving and Fluency. Students are reviewing and reinforcing various addition and subtraction strategies to improve their fluency in solving problems.

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