Art News: May 2013

Our last full month of school has begun, and we are working on the last couple of projects in all of our classes right now.  K/1 classes are working on a project inspired by Eric Carle, which involves painting and coloring several pieces of paper and creating cut-out shapes.  2/3 classes are learning about Wayne Thiebaud and his famous paintings of cakes.  They are learning the steps to draw several types of cakes using simple shapes and designs.  4/5 classes are finishing up their Jellyfish project, and will be starting a project on the planets and solar system soon.  Middle School is finishing up their unit on the art of India/Tibet with a project in which they design a glove in the same way that a henna artist works with mehndi designs on the hands and feet.  Elective is moving from their color project, to their sculpture project in the coming weeks.

Earlier last month, I announced that I would not be returning next school year so that I can pursue my graduate degree in art history at Wayne State and begin work writing for a Detroit-based music website.  It has been three years of hard work, wonderful learning experiences, and bonding with some of the most intelligent, respectful, and humorous students that I will ever come across, and I will never forget the kindness and generosity of the amazing community I have been able to work with.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart — not only have I enjoyed spending time with your students helping them learn about and create art, but I have genuinely enjoyed spending time getting to know them as the individuals and watching them grow and mature.  I am really looking forward to how much fun we are going to have this last month!

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