Technology News: April 2013

In 2/3 technology, students have been finishing up our Boat Design unit, which ties in to the 2/3 Science curriculum. They have been hard at work testing their boat designs and recording data, as well as taking videos and photos of their finished boats.

IMG_9421 IMG_9424

4/5 Technology

In the 4/5 technology classes, students have been working hard on an exciting new hands-on project called Vibrobots!


Students have taken these ordinary mint tins and transformed them into some amazing motorized creations! Here are a couple photos of work in progress:

A student works on drilling holes for her vibrobot’s legs using the Dremel Drill Press
photo 1 (1)
A vibrobot in progress
photo 2 (1)
Vibrobot with legs and motor

 MS Technology

The Middle School technology classes have been working on an exciting engineering design-based project in which they are designing, building, and testing solar-powered vehicles. Students have been working hard on their design work and have mostly finished their final design drawings. Here are some examples:



Most students are using pencil and paper, but a few have been using Google Sketchup to design 3-D models of their vehicles, as shown below:


From here, students choose materials and begin building their vehicles.


MS Technology Elective

The 2nd semester technology elective is focused on Assistive Technology. Students have begun their first project in which they are designing one-button video games. These can be used in occupational therapy to encourage people to stretch muscles after surgery, build flexibility and so on. They can also be used by our High Point friends, using the simple switches that many of them are used to!

A student teaches the class how to use a programming technique in Scratch
A student teaches the class how to use a programming technique in Scratc

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